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Angelic Host Crèche
Revolving angels add a hypnotic effect to this splendid nativity
Cauldron Crèche
An open-air hearth provides the setting for The Nativity
Grecian Urn Nativity
A front door slides down, becoming the crèche floor, and revealing the nativity
Hanging Lamp Nativity
A Magi feathered headdress, a sheep pelt costume for a shepherd

L’ Institut Canadien de Québec—No. 14
Beautiful art and great embossing
L’ Institut Canadien de Québec—No. 27
A classic Kubasta pop-up nativity
Seven-pointed Star Crèche 2
intricate die-cutting and fine embossing
Sickle Nativity
Topped by a thatched gable supported by two trees, an outdoor nativity scene is lit by the light of the Star and a lantern

Swallows Crèche
Vintage German pop-up nativity

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